A thoughtful and inspirational tale of younger Pakistani entrepreneur Shahzaib Ahmed

The only power that stops your success is within you.

A young Pakistani who seemed moderate like you and me and less reasonable and academically rising was desperate to tread an unknown path. The path Shahzaib wanted to follow was perceived as fun that is chosen without money and in-home comfort.

The young man, whom we call Shahzaib Ahmad, had a passion for something, the paths of which were unknown. There were no TED talks for such a journey, and even if there were, our young man certainly wouldn’t have had access to them. Shahzaib was passionate but lacked the resources or support of the family. Nevertheless, the boy overcame his first obstacle to the experience by working hard. Shahzaib Ahmad has a passion for the Internet. He was drawn to the mindset, creatives, and strategies behind the regulation of Internet stories that attracted millions of viewers and users. A thoughtful and inspirational tale of younger Pakistani entrepreneur.

Shahzaib Ahmad was only in the ninth grade when he reached his first milestone. Earning Rs. 6,000 through his so-called “Internet hobby” at 14 was a fantastic deal but not impressive enough to cheer and cheer on the people around him.


Fighting makes the mind age faster than anything else, and Shahzaib Ahmad has always been in the midst of the struggle between his studies and his passion. He was shocked when his family and relatives shattered his love in the shadow of a useless passage of time and deprived him of the resources that could guide him on the destined path. However, when Shahzaib reached grade 12 as a teenager, he was delighted with her maturity and dreams. Even after facing intense criticism that he would never get a second job in society, Shahzaib Ahmad left education to pursue his dreams. The very foundation of his goals was his skills and passion. He was about to become a digital marketer.

During his journey to success, he has received every ounce of criticism and discouragement from as casual people as possible, something I didn’t need. Shahzaib Ahmad worked under challenging circumstances, including falling and financial failure. But, regardless of the events, Shahzaib Ahmad believed that creativity creates doors with its key. The boy had now grown to be a young man who faced many situations, and during his fledgling career, one of the fateful encounters was the people who had criticized him for his dreams but sought his experience.

After All, in 2019 got my First Corporate Sector Job at a Unique Group of Institutions (UGI) as a Social Media Manager, then worked hard and got some Appreciation during this tenure, and then left my job in 2022 and founded an organization eSkills Training Institute, and Noon Nashpati. This has acquired development, mindset, and an inclination to keep a business alone.

Skill is your most potent weapon in the battle of your courage. A child whose potential has been mistaken for a hobby has learned it better than most. Shahzaib Ahmad (Zayb6221) had now overcome a thousand emotional, financial, and materialistic obstacles. He has walked the path of his career with each step stronger. The behind-the-scenes Internet scenarios that imagined how this happened were their everyday reality and their business now. He was connected to the best celebrities in Pakistan through his work. The best people wanted the best person for social media relationships, and Shahzaib Ahmad was the name everyone remembered.

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